Alexa & Giorgi

Our Story

On a Sunday afternoon in July 2016, Alexa flew to New York City to finish her master’s program and booked an AirBnB with Giorgi’s friend, Nizam. Unbeknownst to Giorgi and Alexa, Destiny had a plan filled with love. The day Alexa checked into the apartment, it was Giorgi that opened the door. As soon as Giorgi opened the door, he felt an instant connection with the beautiful eyes that were looking back at him. To this day Giorgi pinpoints that moment as the time he knew “she was the one”. After they met, it didn’t take long before they fell in love and changed their lives to become one. Nearly three years later we prepare to celebrate their wedding and a love that will never end.

Giorgi Ardbelava

I remember opening the door and instantly connecting with the energy that was on the other side. With each encounter, I was amazed by the kindness and graciousness of my future wife. People say that you will instantly know when you meet “the one”, it was true for me. I felt a deep magical sensation when we met for the first time- I was instantly gravitated to her since then. It is hard to describe what light does to darkness, but she has illuminated my days.

“she was the one”

Alexa Solorio

I vividly recall the moment I realized I was falling in love with him. We were sitting in the living room; discussing politics, drinking wine and eating chocolate. I remember at one point looking over at him seeing his handsome face and realizing that I was falling head over heels in love with him. The realization of falling in love with him was not a surprise, because meeting him, spending time with him and falling in love with this man just felt right- like things were finally falling into place. And that same feeling remains, a feeling of being home when I with him.

“I remember the moment when I realized I was falling in love with him”

We are getting married

3 Gorgasali Street, T’bilisi, Georgia on JULY 27TH, 2019 at 4:00 PM